Why Gratitude Will Improve Your Health and How to Incorporate It in Your Life

“When you get up in the morning, think about the precious privilege of being alive, breathe, think, enjoy and love” – Marco Aurelio

“You become that to which you pay attention. If you do not choose your thoughts others will do it for you ” – Epictet

Our brain is a machine specialized in identifying threats. Natural selection favors survival, not happiness . The individuals with the best capacity to identify what was wrong lived more, and the dissatisfaction motivated the action. We are the descendants of anxious and ungrateful primates.

Now we live in a much safer world, but our brain continues to focus its attention on all the problems around us ( detail ). And since our attention defines our reality , we are overwhelmed by our often imaginary problems.

To reduce anxiety we must counteract this natural inclination with a good dose of objectivity, using the power of gratitude .

Today you will learn how our brain distorts reality, and how a simple change of perspective can improve your life. Gratitude will help you to mitigate anxiety, to eat better, to exercise more and, ultimately, to be happier.


A review of different studies confirms that we tend to magnify the barriers we have had to overcome , but we easily forget the blessings received. The obstacles demand effort and concentration, while we enjoy the benefits without paying attention to them. Our mind interprets therefore that the former are much more numerous than the latter.

Paradoxically, the opposite occurs when we evaluate others : we assume they have had fewer problems and more privileges. This is the perfect recipe for a life of resentment and envy.

It is not about denying our problems, but about adopting a more balanced vision of reality . Let’s see how the virtue of gratitude can help us.


Of all known strengths and virtues, including love, perseverance and humility, gratitude is the best predictor of well-being ( detail ).

  • Feelings of gratitude are associated with infinite benefits:
  • Better health in general, both physical and mental ( study , study ).
  • Less stress, anxiety and depression ( study , study , study , study ).
  • Greater job satisfaction and life in general ( study ,  study ).
  • Better rest ( study ).
  • Better academic performance ( study ).
  • Better personal relationships ( study , study ).
  • Less materialism and envy ( detail , detail , study ).

Less aggressiveness ( studies ).

As we will see, gratitude achieves all these effects in different ways, both physiological and psychological . Like almost everything, gratitude is partly an innate trait linked to our personality ( detail ), but it is also a quality that we can cultivate ( detail ). In fact, thoughts of gratitude generate observable changes in different brain areas ( study , study ).

For example, this  study divided its participants into two groups. One had to reflect on things he appreciated and the other on things that bothered him, with instructions such as the following:

Focus on gratitude (group 1): ” There are many good things in our lives that we feel grateful for. Thinking about last week, write five things that you feel grateful for . “

Focus on problems (group 2): ” There are many things that irritate or bother us. They occur in our relationships, at work, in our health, etc. Thinking about last week, write down five problems you’ve had

Despite performing the practice only once a week, the differences were clear: the group that reflected on good things reported better overall satisfaction and better health . And interestingly, they did more physical activity. Negativity seems to detract energy to train .


Changing our thinking by default takes time, but many studies confirm that simple practices have an effect. Gratitude is like a muscle , and we must strengthen it.

You can select any of the following strategies or ideally use a combination of them.


Socrates said that an unexamined life was not worth living, and keeping a journal is a good way to perform this examination.

The benefits of writing frequently the things you thank  are not only psychological, but also physiological . A study in patients with coronary risk showed that writing 3-5 things that they felt grateful for each day reduced markers of inflammation , such as C-reactive protein, TNF-α or IL-6. In addition, while they wrote in the newspaper, they improved their HRV (heart rate variability) .

Other studies find that transferring the things we appreciate to paper reduces the symptoms of depression ( study ), helps us  sleep better ( study ), improves school motivation ( study ) and general well-being ( study ).

What went well today?

Who did something good for you during the day?

What things could have gone wrong but did not happen?

Try to be specific so as not to be repetitive.

Any agenda or notebook will allow you to develop this practice, but there are also gratitude journals that you can use as a guide. Although I prefer to write on paper, there are apps for lovers of digital, such as  Five Minute Journal  or Grateful .


Appreciating what others have done for you seems to be more effective than simply thanking things that have happened to you.

One study divided nearly 300 people who performed psychotherapy into three groups. One continued simply with psychotherapy (control group), another added expressive writing (describing thoughts and emotions) and the latter complemented his psychotherapy with the writing of letters of thanks to people who had helped him at some time.

After several weeks, people who had written gratitude letters improved their mental state more than the rest of the groups.

In another study , students who wrote thank-you letters improved their eating habits to a greater extent than the control group. Many use food to attenuate negative emotions, and it seems that  by reducing these emotions they need less bingeing .

If you want to go a step further you can deliver the letter to the person, but the simple fact of writing it works.


Another impediment to enjoy what we have is the so-called hedonic adaptation . When something good comes to our life (new car, new house or new couple) our sense of well-being rises, but the improvement is only temporary . Over time, the emotion dims and we return to our initial level of satisfaction.

To combat this hedonic adaptation, the Stoics recommended frequent practice of negative visualization, or  Premeditatio Malorum .

Seneca used in his letters macabre but effective examples, as imagine the death of a loved one. He reminded us that all we have is a loan from the universe, and can be claimed at any time. Imagining the loss of something valuable helps us to appreciate it instead of taking it for granted ( study , study ).

Since nothing is more valuable than life itself, the Stoics also recommended  reflecting on death . This practice, known as Memento Mori (“remember you’re going to die”) gives us perspective and helps us put our problems in context.

As this study indicates , reflecting on our mortality makes us feel more grateful for the life we ​​have.


In addition to visualizing, you can practice temporary deprivation . Temporarily renounce things you enjoy will help you appreciate them more ( study ). Food tastes better after a period of fasting , and the warmth of the home is best enjoyed after exposure to the cold .

As they say, we do not know what we have until we lose it .  Losing some things voluntarily and temporarily will help you to value them more.


We spend our days waiting for great events, but life is really made up of small moments. Unfortunately, we waste most of them by considering them mundane.

Attention can transform tedious experiences into pleasurable ones . Concentrate on how the hot water feels on your hands when doing the dishes. While walking to the office, feel the wind on your face and observe the shapes of trees and plants.

This process is called Savoring , and increases our well-being by turning the mundane into something new . We can apply this concept to our food, and several studies indicate that truly tasting food can help you lose weight and reduce stress ( study , study ).


Our brain is specialized in ignoring the good and highlighting the bad. This generates a biased view of reality, producing stress and anxiety. Practicing gratitude is the antidote to our negative bias.

Finally, remember that  gratitude does not imply conformism , and in fact grateful people more often achieve their objectives ( detail ). It is simply to thank what you have while pursuing what you lack .


Surely when you hear the word fitness the first thing that comes to your head is a pair of dumbbells or an intense spinning class. However, fitness encompasses much more than the intense sessions focused on looking like a magazine cover physicist.

When we talk about fitness we refer to a lifestyle based on finding the balance between healthy eating and physical exercise to improve both our physical condition and our quality of life.


The term fitness encompasses any type of physical activity, as well as our eating habits and rest patterns.

These are, in fact, the 3 pillars on which the world of fitness is based.


You’ll have to pay attention to the 3 if you want to maximize your results. It is very frustrating to dedicate hours and hours of effort in the gym and not see results.

If this is your case, you will most likely have to adjust your diet so that it fits your goals.

If, on the contrary, you are convinced that your diet is the right one for your goal, you rest enough and still do not see results, I am sorry to tell you that your training routine is badly planned.

Whatever your case, you have arrived at the right place!


We must bear in mind that not everyone has the same objectives.

Perhaps most of you come to this blog in search of tips to maximize the growth of your muscles and be able to wear an enviable physique in summer.

However, there is also room on this page for people whose goal is simply to adopt a healthier lifestyle, in order to enjoy life more.

The posts that I will be posting on the blog are classified into 6 different categories. Then I will explain to you that it will include each of them.

Therefore, I recommend that you read this introduction in detail to be able to go to the section that includes what you are really looking for.


The first section includes all articles related to muscle development .

As you already know, there are several factors that influence the growth of your muscles.

On the one hand, it is necessary to get a sufficiently large stimulus, through training, so that during the recovery phase the body feels the need to recruit more fibers.

By recruiting new muscle fibers or by increasing the size of existing ones, your muscles will grow. And as I said, you have to generate a stimulus on the muscle by working with weights.

Another important factor for muscle development is the daily caloric balance. You will need to create a surplus throughout the day so that your body can “feed” your muscles and they can grow.

Apart from achieving a caloric surplus, the distribution of macronutrients is also important.

You will find more information about this both in this section and in the section dedicated to nutrition.


The second section is also dedicated a quite broad concept. In this case, it is the opposite of the previous one.

Although in the first section we put the focus on muscle development, in this second we focus on the burning of body fat .

Therefore, this is the section that you should visit when you want to prepare your definition stage.

You will see that the weight training part, in many cases, will not vary with respect to the volume phase. However, in the definition phase we will include more cardiovascular exercise and reduce daily caloric intake with the aim of creating a caloric deficit that helps us lower the percentage of body fat.

Apart from burning fat I will teach you how to keep the accumulated muscle mass to the maximum in the volume phase. For this, the distribution of macronutrients that I mentioned earlier is very important.


The 3rd section includes all the routines that I will upload to the blog. You can find complete routines focused on all types of objectives, hypertrophy routines of 3, 4 or 5 days, strength routines, as well as advice on how to incorporate low intensity cardiovascular exercise or HIIT for fat burning.

As I was saying, these routines are totally free. The routines are made by combining the most effective exercises to hypertrophy your muscles.

As you will appreciate if you accede to several routines, I usually place the multiarticular exercises at the beginning of the training, when you are not yet fatigued, and the most specific at the end to finish congesting the muscle that we are training.

I resort to this structure because it is a method widely supported by studies for its great effectiveness to achieve good muscle development. This does not mean that it is the only way to make your muscles grow.


If you have doubts about how to execute any of the exercises that appear in the routines, in the 4th section you will find detailed explanations on how to execute them in the correct way.

It is very important to have a good technique in each and every one of the exercises that you execute.

Not only to obtain good results but also to avoid injuries that only delay the achievement of your goals.

If you have doubts about an exercise and you can not find it in this section, do not hesitate to write me so that you can add a post dedicated to that exercise.


Finally, in sections 5 and 6 you will find tips on nutrition and supplementation respectively.

These two sections have a close relationship since supplementation should be used to meet the needs that you CAN NOT COVER with your daily diet.

Therefore, my advice will be provided that you do not spend money on supplements if you can get the same benefits by eating natural foods. And, when it is necessary to resort to them, my advice is that you do not opt for the cheapest options.

Regarding nutrition, in the blog I will provide all the necessary information so you can configure yourself your own diet.

I will recommend tools to take better control of what you eat every day.

I will also keep you up to date on the main types of diets whose efficacy is proven.

I will never recommend diets or miraculous foods. THEY DO NOT EXIST. But I will inform you of the different options you have to program your diet, from flexible diets to how to schedule a diet based on intermittent fasts 16/8.

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