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Kidney Pain Symptoms

Kidney Pain Symptoms When to Know a Back Pain from Kidney Distinguishing back pain from kidney and from a typical back pain problem is of major importance. Commonly, there are times when back pain problems are mistakenly diagnosed as from kidney. But the most dangerous is distinguishing back...

Top 10 Kidney Disease Symptoms

The two bean shaped organs located just above the waist on either side of the spine are the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for removing waste and excess fluids from your body, regulating blood pressure, and maintaining the delicate balance of salt and minerals in your blood. Unfortunately, like many other organs...

Kidney Failure Symptoms

Our bodies are made to function at best when in a state of balance. We also have a fascinating means of maintaining that balance. One method of doing this is the filtration system we know of as our kidneys. What is kidney failure (renal failure)?

Kidney Lower Back Pain

Back and Kidney Pain Are you experiencing kidney or back pain? Learn how to quickly determine the difference. Let me help you determine which one it is and provide some tips on how to eliminate the pain. When your lower back is in pain sometimes it is not...

Lower Back Pain Exercises

If you are experiencing lower back pain these exercises should help you feel better. These exercises are for people that know they are experiencing lower back pain and not kidney pain. Anatomy of the Lower Back If you are experiencing lower back pain it may help to understand the...

Kidney Pain Symptoms

Kidney Pain Is Symptom Of Many Different Health Issues Kidney pain is typically felt in the flank area, which is located at the lower back region under the lowest point of the ribcage on both sides of the spine. Kidney pain is sharp, very intense and usually comes...


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