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True Slim Keto Reviews – The Next Generation Weight Loss Supplement

True Slim Keto is the latest diet craze in town. As with all new diet supplements, the True Slim Keto craze has taken the Internet by storm, especially after it was claimed on the Dr. Oz Show that it is the next weight loss supplement to watch. The Dr. Oz Show claims...

Serum and Creatine Protein: Beyond the Muscle

The Pareto principle also applies to supplements. Most health and performance benefits are due to a few compounds . I generally share the  recent positioning of the International Olympic Committee: " Supplements to improve performance represent the largest group of products aimed at athletes, but only a few (including caffeine , creatine ,...

Making breaks in your diet helps you lose more weight with less effort

Discipline is a commendable virtue, but in excess it is suffocating. Few manage to reach their ideal weight in a linear way by simply applying willpower. Discipline is a finite resource , and if you do not recharge it every so often, you will fail in your attempt. When the diet becomes...

Genetic tests and training: What your genes say about how to train and supplement

Genes determine almost nothing, but they condition almost everything. Your observable abilities and traits are influenced by the genetic legacy of your ancestors, from your intelligence to your political inclinations ( article , study ). Some time ago we saw that knowing our genome can help us customize our diet ( article...


Surely when you hear the word fitness the first thing that comes to your head is a pair of dumbbells or an intense spinning class. However, fitness encompasses much more than the intense sessions focused on looking like a magazine cover physicist. When we talk about fitness we refer to a lifestyle based...

AlphaTestX Supplements – Natural Male Enhancement? | Product Review

AlphaTestX It is understood that males will not able to perform best after the age of 35 to 40. Research says that after the age of thirty years testosterones started to get reduced from your body and because of this you will not able to perform energetically as you used to do...


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